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Cloud Computing Glossary of Terms

By Team Hava on October 9, 2020

We've put together what we believe is the most comprehensive glossary of cloud computing terminology available. 

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AWS Diagram Software

By Team Hava on August 4, 2020

There are countless reasons why you would want to accurately document your AWS environments. Knowing exactly what is running based on the actual resources configured in your AWS environments is probably the number one reason to use automated AWS Diagram Software over manually drawn diagrams.

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Cattle vs Pets - DevOps Explained

By Team Hava on June 9, 2020


Base Image source: AWS Marketplace https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/solutions/devops#

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How to visualize your aws security

By Team Hava on April 7, 2020


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How to Track Changes in Your Cloud Environment Configurations

By Team Hava on March 11, 2020


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50 Essential Cloud Computing Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

By Team Hava on March 3, 2020

If you are looking for something interesting to fill your earbuds in 2020, here's a list of 50 podcasts worth a listen.

Mostly focused on Cloud Platforms, DevOps and Security there is sure to be something in there that resonates with you.

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How An Automated Cloud Architecture Diagram Can Save The Day!

By Team Hava on February 27, 2020



A Cloud Architecture Diagram paints a thousand words.

We’ve all heard the cliche “A picture paints a thousand words”, but there is real value in using images to explain complex technical information.

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Hava's AWS Security Views

By Team Hava on August 2, 2018

AWS security groups act as a virtual firewall for your EC2 instances to control inbound and outbound traffic.

"Security groups act at the instance level, not the subnet level. Therefore, each instance in a subnet in your VPC could be assigned to a different set of security groups." -  AWS Documentation

Trawling through your VPC flow logs helps provide visibility into your network traffic to detect anomalous traffic and provides insights, however, it still comes with its own risk of error.

Generating a visual diagram from the source of truth with automated layouts to display your network infrastructure as it is right now can eliminate the potential risk of human error.

Hava offers several ways to assist with diagnosing security within your network.

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