Hava shows you everything in your cloud,
when you want to see it



We'll show you how your cloud hangs together

Hava uses automated layouts to display your real-time cloud infrastructure. Securely import all your AWS accounts to Hava by creating a read-only IAM user. Your diagrams are then generated using AWS icons at the VPC level. You'll see all resources and their specifications, connections, security groups, route tables and cost estimates. 

You only need to connect once. You can then sync your accounts on demand to visually see changes.


AWS Cloud Diagram

Amazon Web Services




Virtual network documentation no longer needs to a manual, tedious task

Don't waste time and resources creating static diagrams. With Hava, you can export real-time network diagrams to PDF or PNG instantly. As your infrastructure changes, sync and export a diagram of your new infrastructure from Hava to include in your wiki, reports and presentations.


Free yourself from consoles

When you get an alert or decommissioning email, you need to be able to quickly find that resource and see what's going to impacted. If you have multiple AWS accounts - then there's normally nothing quick about it. Hava finds your resource in seconds and shows you graphically what impact it could have on your environment and running products.

Search AWS account

Filter will show you all VPCs that contain the information you are looking for.

Search allows you to search all your accounts to generate custom diagrams with multiple criteria of region, AZ, ID, IP or tag that you can then save. Managing projects across multiple accounts and VPC's has never been easier.



See that your architecture is robust and secure

Most of the time you only find out there's a problem with your architercture or security when something goes wrong. An accurate diagram of your environments will quickly show you if it's secure, routed correctly and designed for failure.  


Design for failure
With Hava you can instantly see:
  • All active environments
  • Security groups
  • Route tables
  • You're redundant across AZs
  • Costs of environments


Get Development, Security and Operations teams all on the same page

Communication and understanding enables teams to perform at their best. At Hava, we believe the more people who can clearly see what is happening in your cloud the better. That's why we offer support for teams on our Business plan. Build as many teams as you like! Grant permission to Managers, Developers, Security, Operations, even external collaborators based on the level of access you want them to have. 

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