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Hava Account Audit Logs are Generally Available

By Alan Blackmore on April 16, 2024

Team Hava is pleased to announce that the account audit log feature is now generally available.

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Cloud Computing Glossary of Terms

By Team Hava on October 9, 2020

We've put together what we believe is the most comprehensive glossary of cloud computing terminology available. 

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Embed interactive cloud architecture diagrams anywhere

By Team Hava on September 29, 2020

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Hava Releases New Cloud Diagram Layout Controls

By Team Hava on August 27, 2020

Hava cloud infrastructure diagrams now have more flexibility and control so you can adjust the layout canvas to better suit your requirements.

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Expanded Search Enables Easy Creation of Custom Cloud Hava Diagrams

By Team Hava on May 21, 2020

Hava is happy to announce the release of a significant enhancement to the search functions used to help you quickly locate cloud resources and create custom infrastructure diagrams.

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How to monitor your cloud spend with Hava

By Team Hava on May 12, 2020


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AWS Icon Set 2019

By Team Hava on February 26, 2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have launched a re-designed set of diagram icons, the first version release was for AWS re:invent 2018, with the official public release on the 2nd of February 2019. Hava now supports diagrams using the new icon set, so you can discover, diagram, diagnose, and document your environments straight from the source of truth with a familiar style. 

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Cloudcraft vs. Hava

By Team Hava on December 4, 2018

Cloudcraft is known for their isometric AWS diagrams and often one of the tools used to depict the layout of your cloud environments, along with Lucidchart and Draw.io. We all need to start somewhere with our network diagrams, whether it's on a whiteboard, in a drawing tool or in a drag and drop builder.

These diagramming tools are great for the design stage, however as the cloud-native architectures of today continue to evolve, the idea of continually updating diagrams to reflect what's currently running becomes a more impossible task.
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