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What is AWS CodeCommit?

By Team Hava on June 15, 2021

If you are developing on AWS or any other platform for that matter, you will understand the need for good version control. Git repositories have for a long time been an effective method of controlling software versions, enabling multiple developers to work on the same code base without overwriting each other’s code and providing the opportunity to roll back code in the event of a release introducing unforeseen behaviours, or bugs as they are more commonly referred to.

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7 min read

What is AWS Fargate?

By Team Hava on June 10, 2021

AWS Fargate is a service that provisions serverless compute resources to run AWS ECS and EKS containers.  AWS states that Fargate allows you to focus on building your applications when you let Fargate provision and manage the infrastructure required. Think of it as containers on-demand with no underlying manually created infrastructure that are quick to launch and scale, where you manage everything at the container level.

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9 min read

What is AWS Lambda?

By Team Hava on June 3, 2021

AWS Lambda is a service that allows you to run code and containers without the need to set up, manage or provision servers. Lambda runs your code on highly available compute cloud infrastructure via Functions.  Lambda takes care of server and OS maintenance, scaling, code monitoring and activity/error logging.

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