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How to Track Cloud Changes for Audits Without Stressing Your Ops Teams

March 28, 2023

How to Track Cloud Infrastructure Changes for ISO-PCI-SOC Audits Without Stressing Your Ops Team

If you are subject to ISO PCI SOC or other audits that look into the security, and location of your cloud infrastructure that contains your customer data then you already know the challenges.

In this post we'll delve into the ways cloud infrastructure visualisation and version retention can help during the audit process.

Why bother? If you hold any sort of financial information like stored credit card details or data that can personally identify your customers, then at some point you are likely to face an audit or compliance request.  Plus it's a good thing to have in place from a business governance and legitimacy perspective.

The main problem is audits can be time consuming and the information required can put your ops team under more pressure than they already are. Especially if that information isn't readily to hand.

Hava can make the Audit process much easier. 

Accurate auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagrams produced by Hava can be extremely useful when your application is undergoing a PCI SOC or ISO audit in several ways:

  1. Improved visualization: Auto-generated diagrams can provide a clear and concise representation of your cloud infrastructure, which can make it easier for auditors to understand your overall architecture and identify any potential security risks. The security view can demonstrate you have everything locked down appropriately.

  2. Easier documentation: Auto-generated diagrams can serve as an efficient way to document your cloud infrastructure. Rather than having to manually document each component of your infrastructure, you can use Hava to generate accurate and up-to-date diagrams. These can then be used to demonstrate your governance and security monitoring is on point.

  3. Identification of gaps: By reviewing your Hava diagrams, auditors may be able to identify gaps or vulnerabilities in your infrastructure that need to be addressed in order to comply with PCI SOC or ISO standards. By automating, you have up to date diagrams on hand and you don't need to trouble your team to produce them. 

  4. Efficient communication: Auto-generated diagrams can help you communicate your cloud infrastructure to auditors and other stakeholders more efficiently. This can save time and reduce the risk of miscommunication. By automating your cloud infrastructure diagrams, you eliminate potential human errors making for a more trusted documentation platform.  

  5. Annual Audit Comparisons: In some circumstances, auditors will be primarily interested in any changes made since the last successful audit. Hava's versioning retains diagrams as they are replaced due to infrastructure changes being detected. This means you have an audit trail of changes in diagram form to demonstrate infrastructure changes over the period since the last audit.

Overall, Hava's accurate auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagrams can help simplify and streamline the audit process, while also improving your ability to identify and address potential security risks.

Your Ops team can get on with their day to day work without getting tied up in the tedious documentation process required for the audit process.

If you would like to discuss how Hava can help you document your AWS, Azure or GCP cloud infrastructure especially in preparation for an audit, please get in touch.



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