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Hava adds GCP Pub/Sub Diagrams

July 21, 2022

GCP Pub Sub Diagrams

There are a massive number of reasons why Google Cloud users are turning to Pub/Sub to manage messaging and data movement between applications. This can be data analytics streams, real time events or application events that are ingested by other services. Pub/Sub is also used as messaging oriented middleware to queue tasks for applications or services based on user interaction or server events.

Hava's ability to automatically detect and generate network infrastructure diagrams is based on the detection of a virtual network within GCP, so as you connect GCP accounts to Hava, a diagram is generated for every virtual network discovered.

Since Pub/Sub Topics and Subscriptions can exist with no connection to a Virtual Network they don't automatically appear as an auto generated diagram.

However, the good news is you can now use the custom search function in the Hava menu bar to diagram your Pub/Sub topics and subscriptions using the "Type:" operator:

pub sub search 

This search command yields a diagram showing multiple Pub/Sub topics, one of which has no subscriptions yet and the other having a pull subscription, and a cloud run service that is also subscribed.


As there is no physical environment containing the pub/sub services, Hava creates an artificial environment for diagramming purposes. This allows you to save the diagram to your environments dashboard at which point it will be automatically updated and versioning retained as changes are detected.

There may also be other resources related to the services shown in this environment which can be surfaced using the deep search @ prefix in the search syntax:


The deep search reveals a load balancer being used by the cloud run service.

While the demo data above is very simplistic, a production environment with asynchronous pub/sub messaging between lots of Topics and subscription connections could look more like this:


This service diagram shows lots of topics and the pub/sub subscription connections from other services like AppEngine, Functions and HTTP/S endpoints.

If you are using GCP Pub/Sub and are a current Hava subscriber, please try out the new search and deep search and visualise your pub/sub topics and subs and let us know how you get on. We'd love some feedback.

If you are not using Hava yet, you can take a free 14 day trial using the button below and try out the new pub/sub diagram generator as well as the traditional auto generation of your GCP network topology.



If you need help connecting or generating diagrams using the search/query syntax, we're always happy to assist.

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