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Self-hosted V2.1.585 is now Generally Available

February 15, 2023


Team Hava is excited to announce the general availability of our Self-Hosted package v2.1.585 which contains a number of performance enhancements and new features. A number of Design Limitations have also been addressed.

Self-Hosted clients should consider upgrading to this new version to take advantage of the enhancements which include:

Security: IAM based roles can now be used for cross account imports and S3 uploads

This update removes the necessity of creating additional credentials instead using IAM to authenticate these processes.

API: When updating a team the roles array is now optional.

Previously you would ned to specify a role when performing team updates via the API.

If this value is not provided, instead of receiving an error, the roles will remain unchanged

Performance Upgrades:

Improved process management for Kubernetes deployments

Reworked health_check endpoint, giving an overall reduction in compute required

Increase timeout for dedicated syncs to allow for larger environments to be imported

AWS: Added ap-southeast-4 region for Melbourne, Australia

Hava now supports importing environments in the ap-southeast-4 region

AWS: Add support for AWS GovCloud

You can now connect and visualise AWS environments running in AWS GovCloud

Azure and GCP: Added regions across all providers, search, and pricing.

Hava now supports all current Azure and Google Cloud Platform regions which integrate with the search and pricing estimate functions within Hava.

Export: Add timestamp

The option has been added to exports for PNG and PDF to include a timestamp. This will add a UTC timestamp in the bottom left of exported diagrams that displays when the environment was generated. This function assists with audit and compliance requirements of some compliance regimes.

Design Limitations - (ok bugs)

Remove SNS platform app's from imports as it brings in too much noisy data

If Pusher is not configured then a warning is returned instead of the process being terminated.

Domain cookies for SSO now support multiple nested sub-domains

Embed creation has reliability and performance greatly improved


That's a summary of everything included in the new version of the self-hosted Hava application. If you have any questions regarding Hava self-hosted, or anything else for that matter, feel free to get in touch using the chat widget on our home page.

Thanks for reading this far, your persistence is impressive.


Team Hava.




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