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Hava Releases HashiCorp Terraform Provider Integration

November 14, 2022

Hava Terraform Provider

Modern GitOps practices are based around the use of automations to deploy and manage cloud environments. One of the major players in this space is HashiCorp who's Terraform application is used by developers, DevOps and engineers around the world to deploy cloud infrastructure using code.

With typical CI/CD pipelines deploying changes on a daily basis, keeping on top of network documentation can be challenging.  But you know keeping your network topology diagrams up to date can be invaluable. Whether you want to validate the resources you just deployed via Terraform were created successfully or you need to compare what is running now to a previous iteration of your environment, having your diagrams updated as things change can be extremely useful.

As the next stage in a range of integrations released by Hava, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Hava Terraform Provider. This means you can add new environments to your Hava console as part of your deployment code.


The Hava provider can be added to your core environment configuration code, so that each new environment you deploy is added to your Hava diagram repo.


Once created, Hava will then continuously poll your new environment and automatically update the diagrams as changes are detected. The superseded diagrams are moved to version history, so you have older iterations of your networks available for comparison purposes.

Programmatic interaction with Hava requires access to the Hava API and API keys which are available on the Teams plan and higher.

You can find the Hava Terraform Provider on the HashiCorp Terraform Registry

Examples and more information can be found in the Hava Integration Documentation



If you are not using Hava to fully automate the generation and updating of your cloud networks (AWS / GCP / Azure / Kubernetes) you can take a fully featured Teams account for a 14 day free trial using the button below.





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