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Hava Diagram Canvas Resource Filters

March 25, 2024


Hava now provides the ability to filter exactly what you do and don't want to view on your auto generated cloud architecture diagrams.

There are numerous reasons why Hava users have requested this feature.

In a large complex environment, you may only be interested in a handful of resource types for the immediate project or problem you are trying to solve.

Maybe your environment has thousands of Lambda functions that you have no interest in and you'd like to just see the other resources.

Whatever the scenario, you now have the ability to control exactly what is visible on your diagram canvas.


The filter controls are found in the accordion menu to the right of your Hava diagrams.

Simply click on the check mark next to a resource type and that resource type will be hidden on the diagram.

If we uncheck EC2 Instances, this is the result:


As you would expect, checking the EC2 resource brings them all back.

Any resources that are not present on the diagram are greyed out in the filter options.


To remove them from the filter options, toggle the "Hide resource types not in this environment" slide button to hide the non present resource options.

Simple yet effective. Here's a video walkthrough of the feature in action:


Thanks for reading.

If you are not leveraging Hava to automate your cloud architecture diagramming, you can learn more here:

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