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Hava Completes Seed Round Funding

April 15, 2016


How confident are you with your cloud infrastructure?

How are you currently creating your cloud diagrams? Are you spending quality time with your whiteboard hand drawing them? Or are you trolling through your AWS console, then clicking and dragging in a drawing tool?

Imagine being able to extract real-time diagrams of your actual AWS environments. That would be pretty cool, right?

Well that’s exactly what Hava does!

We’re developers and consultants, with 20 years’ experience working with enterprises helping them with their cloud integration and automation. With every new client, the first thing we would ask for was up to date documentation and diagrams so we could see what we were working with. We’d get access to consoles, dashboards, config files, some diagrams – but never anything that put all the information in the one place that was clear and accurate.

And we completely understood why companies didn’t have this documentation – it’s hard! Cloud environments are so dynamic – keeping documentation current, monitoring changes and reporting on costs would be a full time job. It was easier to get what information you could, from wherever you could, using whatever you could, when you needed it.

We knew all the information we needed was sitting in AWS – we just needed to find a way to securely access it and translate it into something visual, beautiful and informative. So we built Hava.

Why the backstory?

Today Hava is celebrating the completion of our seed funding round. We knew we had something pretty special and impressive in Hava. Blackbird Ventures are on-board and now having secured $500,000 in funding, it looks like we’re not the only ones who believe in Hava and what we have to offer. Thanks to all of our investors! Your enthusiasm and commitment gives us the best foot forward in creating an amazing product.

A big shout out to Matt Allen and the Founder Institute – they’ve been amazing with their guidance and support. If you’re looking to become your own founder, then you should really check out the Founder Institute at fi.co

Our users are loving the transparency Hava gives them. They’re able to diagnose problems in seconds, have confidence their environments are resilient to load and failure, can use CloudFormation to design and view new environments, and reporting for upper management is no longer a drain on time and resources. Who says uptime needs to start with a 9?

Virtual high five to Team Hava.

Not sure what Hava is?  Check out this video:



Peter Gatt

Written by Peter Gatt

Peter Gatt - Co-Founder