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Meet Team Hava at the AWS Sydney Summit

By Peter Gatt on April 20, 2016

Come see us at the AWS Startup Pavilion

AWS has invited Hava to be part of the AWS Startup Pavilion on Day 1 of the AWS Sydney Summit. Having attended AWS Summits and conferences for years, it’s exciting to be on the other side demoing Hava.

If you're registered for Summit, we'll be at the Startup Pavilion on Wednesday so come over and say hello. We’d love to step you through Hava and show you how we can save you time and headaches visualizing your AWS cloud infrastructure clearly.

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Hava Completes Seed Round Funding

By Peter Gatt on April 15, 2016

How confident are you with your cloud infrastructure?

How are you currently creating your cloud diagrams? Are you spending quality time with your whiteboard hand drawing them? Or are you trolling through your AWS console, then clicking and dragging in a drawing tool?

Imagine being able to extract real-time diagrams of your actual AWS environments. That would be pretty cool, right?

Well that’s exactly what Hava does!

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Are you monitoring everything in your cloud?

By Peter Gatt on March 21, 2016

With DevOps now firmly placed in the enterprise sights, we are seeing that automation visibility is becoming critical. Having the view of the state of the delivery pipeline ensures there is an increased awareness of the system as a whole. The question that often arises is “Yes, we need monitoring, but what do we monitor?” There are numbers components of your environments that you should be monitoring, and this blog explores what they are, how to track changes in your cloud environment and why it’s important to monitor them.