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Best AWS Diagram Generator

May 4, 2023

best aws diagram generator

Introduction: The Best AWS Diagram Generator

In the expansive realm of cloud computing, AWS still dominates, providing a vast array of cloud services to organizations of all types and sizes. In this rapidly evolving field, visualizing and comprehending the complex web of cloud architecture can be challenging. However, the premier AWS diagram generator is here to assist you in navigating the intricate nuances of cloud infrastructure.

Today we will unveil the exceptional power of Hava, which in our opinion is the best AWS diagram generator on the market today.

Bring your cloud infrastructure into focus with Hava.

The Exceptional Features of the best AWS diagram generator:

Hava is excels at harmonizing and clarifying the convoluted landscape of your cloud architecture. This unrivaled visualization tool possesses the following characteristics:

  1. Unparalleled Insight: Hava uncovers the intricate connections and dependencies among services within your cloud environment, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your infrastructure.
  2. Sophisticated Transformation: This leading AWS diagram generator converts raw configuration data into a refined visual representation, accurately illustrating your cloud infrastructure.
  3. Real-time Synchronization: Hava possibly the best  AWS diagram generator continuously monitors your AWS account, ensuring that your diagrams remain current and reflect any changes in your cloud ecosystem. Once changes are detected your documentation is updated, hands free.
  4. Customizable Interface and Diagrams: Hava enables you to adapt your diagrams to your specific requirements, offering a wide range of search and filter options so you can refine your infrastructure views down to the way you want to see your cloud infrastructure.
  5. Seamless Export: The best AWS diagram generator allows you to effortlessly share your diagrams by exporting them in popular formats such as PDF, PNG, VSDX, JSON and CSV.


  1. What sets Hava apart from its competitors? Hava excels due to its advanced capabilities, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with AWS services, making it the preferred solution for visualizing and understanding cloud architecture.
  2. Can Hava  assist with compliance and security? Yes, by offering a clear view of your cloud infrastructure security stance, this leading AWS diagram generator enables you to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure your environment adheres to industry standards and compliance requirements.
  3. Is this cutting edge AWS diagram generator suitable for teams of varying sizes? Absolutely! The premier AWS diagram generator is designed to accommodate teams of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, promoting collaboration with its robust sharing and commenting features. There is a free tier for individuals, or fully self-hosted options for enterprise customers.
  4. Can I customize the appearance of my diagrams with the Hava? Certainly! From a layout, resource spacing and resource name perspective, Hava's diagram controls allow you to tweak the appearance of the automatically generated diagrams. You can also create custom diagrams with subsets of diagrams or you can place multiple environments from different cloud vendors on a single hybrid diagram. 
  5. Can I create diagrams from scratch? No, because Hava is used to provide unquestionable documentation for cloud environment audits, you cannot add resources that don't exist and you cannot remove running resources from a diagram. You can however export a diagram in Visio format and edit it off application.
  6. How does the best AWS diagram generator keep my diagrams current? The Hava diagram generator actively monitors your AWS account, updating your diagrams to reflect any changes in your cloud environment and ensuring that your visualizations remain accurate and relevant.
  7. What happens to superseded diagrams? As diagrams are replaced Hava stores them in version history. They are still fully interactive, so you can browse around the historical diagram and view the connections, metadata, settings and security as it was 

What do you get when you connect your AWS account to Hava?

Hava Cloud Infrastructure View

The Infrastructure view is a fully interactive diagram that show you your VPCs or Virtual Networks. Inside the VPC you have availability zones and subnets that show you what resources you have running and where they live.


The interactive nature of the Hava diagrams eludes to the ability to select individual diagram components which changes the attribute sidebar to display all the known metadata related to that resource. This means you don't have to keep flipping backwards and forwards through your cloud consoles to find out the information you need about a highlighted resource.

Another view is the Security View. This is entirely unique to Hava and shows you the security configuration for your AWS or Azure VPCs


This view is also interactive and shows security groups horizontally with the open ports and protocols that allow traffic ingress/egress shown as arrows overlaid on the groups.

Selecting a security group on the diagram changes the attribute panel to show a ton of useful information including all the connected resource that security group controls.

If you are deploying containerised workloads on ECS EKS AKS GKE or stand alone Kubernetes clusters, you can leverage Hava's Container View to see the status of your pods or tasks in each cluster. While not as detailed as say the infrastructure view in AWS, you still get to see all your tasks and whether the run status is optimal or not.

Container Tasks 

Can Hava's Architectural Monitoring feature alert me to changes?


When you set up architectural monitoring alerts within Hava you will get notified when something changes. The same process that continuously monitors your AWS config to update your diagrams will also email you and anyone else you nominate with notification of the detected changes. The cool thing is, the email contains a diff diagram showing you what was added to your cloud environment AND what was removed. That's pretty powerful.

Throughout this exploration of the what we firmly believe is the best AWS diagram generator available today, we've unveiled its extraordinary ability to simplify the visualization of complex cloud infrastructure.

We think this exceptional tool is essential for businesses seeking to understand and optimize their AWS environments.

From the remarkable insights it offers to the extensive customization possibilities it provides, Hava is truly the gold standard in its field. Designed for organizations of all sizes, it encourages collaboration and fosters effective communication among team members.

In the era of cloud computing, the premier AWS diagram generator is an indispensable resource for businesses aiming to navigate the multifaceted landscape of AWS services.

Don't hesitate; begin your journey with this powerful visualization tool today and unlock the full potential of your cloud architecture.

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