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Why MSPs Choose Hava.io for Improved Client Documentation

Oct 27, 2023 1:11:00 PM

Auto Generated Cloud Diagrams

When it comes to Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs), improved client documentation is a crucial element that contributes to effective service delivery. This is where Hava.io, a cutting-edge cloud infrastructure visualization tool, comes into play, being the choice of many MSPs for enhanced client documentation.

Hava.io has gathered a reputation in the MSP realm for its ability to produce interactive, dynamic diagrams for each virtual network detected. It scans the cloud configurations across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms, and generates a visual diagram image of each setup. This automation of client documentation gives MSPs more time to concentrate on other strategic service aspects.

What sets Hava.io apart and makes it a top choice for MSPs is its set of unique features. Its deep search function, for instance, simplifies resource management across multiple cloud accounts. With just one command, MSPs can locate specific resources across thousands of accounts, a testament to Hava.io's dedication to making cloud environment management as easy as possible.

Moreover, Hava.io's 'Diff Diagrams' feature provides architectural monitoring alerts to MSPs when infrastructure changes occur. This function mitigates the risk of unnoticed alterations and unforeseen cost escalations, ensuring continuous and transparent communication between MSPs and their clients.

Another vital function is Hava.io's version history of superseded diagrams. This capability allows MSPs to track infrastructure changes over time, capturing every modification, whether planned or unexpected, and communicates them transparently to the client.

In essence, Hava.io is more than just a tool - it's a comprehensive solution that supports MSPs in their efforts to automate, streamline, and improve client interactions. By choosing Hava.io, MSPs are choosing a partner that elevates their client documentation, ultimately leading to improved service delivery.

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