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Hava adds EKS automated container diagrams

May 25, 2022

Hava adds EKS automated diagrams

As part of a development program to add a wider range Kubernetes automated diagrams, we are pleased to announce that AWS EKS Cluster diagram support has been added to Hava.

This means that AWS managed EKS clusters that you set up in your AWS account will appear as a sub-source on your AWS account data source connected to Hava. Once connected, cluster container diagrams will be automatically generated for the detected EKS clusters.

With this new support, all you need to do is add the role you use to connect to Hava to your EKS cluster aws-auth ConfigMap within the cluster and Hava will start automatically diagramming your EKS cluster automatically.

Once connected, the AWS datasource (account) that is connected to Hava will show EKS clusters as a sub-source of the account.

aws sub source

Detected EKS Clusters are referred to as sub-sources. You can view the detected EKS clusters by clicking on the show sub-sources link on your AWS accounts connected to Hava.

aws eks sub sources

Unfortunately AWS IAM does not support giving a role or user access to the EKS clusters from the parent account, so a config change has to be added to each cluster. To allow Hava access to your EKS clusters you need to make sure that the user or role you use to import in Hava is added to the mapUsers section in your aws-auth ConfigMap within the cluster.


You can see how to connect your AWS EKS Clusters to Hava by following the latest instructions in the Kubernetes section of the Hava documentation here:


Kubernetes support is currently in private beta.

To get the EKS, AKS, GKE or stand alone Kubernetes Cluster support enabled in your Hava account please reach out to the support team and we will enable it in your account.



If you are not currently leveraging Hava to automate the diagramming of your AWS, GCP, Azure or K8s infrastructure, you can use the button below to take a free trial.



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