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Hava makes it simple to document your cloud, capture changes and diagrams for compliance, audits and team efficiency.




Some of the major reasons our client executives and management love include:

  • Saves your engineering team hours or days on initial network mapping and diagram production
  • Makes it easy to spot anomalies like old test environments, unused or underutilised resources potentially costing your business or clients money
  • From day one, hava removes the cost of updating documentation every time your cloud design changes 
  • Greatly speeds up the onboarding of new engineers or high-cost consultants
  • Automates updating diagrams from day one, so your team managers always know what's happening
  • It makes your security team's job so much easier using the security view diagrams. They have a helicopter view of the security implications of engineering work across the entire organization
  • Your team can respond to C-Level requests for reports in minutes instead of hours
  • Cuts costs, especially if you are paying expensive contractors to document your cloud environments
  • Hava keeps an audit trail of cloud config settings and diagrams in a unique version history, so you have the documentation and evidence if challenged by compliance auditors or insurance investigators

Built by Cloud Engineers for Speed, Accuracy and Efficiency

Hava was originally created to take the pain out of onboarding new cloud clients.

As a busy IT consultancy in Melbourne, we specialized in cloud infrastructure services providing leading enterprise clients with architecture, engineering and DevOps services.

Each time we took on a new client, the first question we asked was, what does your existing network topology look like now & do you have any up to date diagrams so we can see the state of play.

Generally, we were met with a blank stare and so began the painful process of trolling through consoles and settings for days and sometimes weeks to build a picture of what they had running and to document it as the starting point. 

There had to be

A Better Way!

There was

Hava was born

We knew the cloud-config data was accessible on the big 3 cloud providers.  We also knew we had some pretty incredible coding talent leading our teams, so we decided to see if we could automate the process and build diagrams directly from the configuration data.

The significant investment in time and money required to build hava was daunting, but our management had a vision (and still does)  and they could see the returns to our consulting division would pay off over and over as days and weeks of work were reduced to just minutes.

What did we solve

  • Always up to date diagrams - hava polls config data hourly or on-demand
  • Removed human error. Hava maps actual network topology so you see your environments from the source of truth. 
  • Logically laid out clean diagrams you can use to easily explain what's going on.
  • Ability to instantly respond to executives, management, and auditors
  • A full audit trail of config changes. Any changes across your entire cloud account is captured in a version history
  • In-depth attributes list. Click on a resource and drill into all the properties and associations.
  • Visualized AWS infrastructure by VPC with Peering
  • Visualized Azure infrastructure by Virtual Network and Subnet
  • Visualized GCP infrastructure by Network and Subnet
  • Visualized the AWS security groups showing open ports and traffic flow
  • Built custom search capability to allow you to create your own Hybrid Cloud diagrams.
  • Filter function to limit a custom diagram to your required region, vpc, subnet, vn, source or IP ( or any combination thereof )

The list goes on and on. Hava provides so much more data and detail, it's hard to justify calling it a diagramming tool - it's so much more.




What can your team do?

Once you connect Hava to your data sources (cloud accounts) we import the configuration data and render the infrastructure diagrams. 

There are separate diagrams for different use cases.

  • The Infrastructure View diagram as seen above lays out your environment and details the resources that make sense to visualize.
  • The List View is a comprehensive list of all the resources found in your config including minor components that would clutter up the diagram, like network cards & WAF rules
  • The AWS Security view shows everything your security team needs to know.   

Your team can export these diagrams at any time into your favorite drawing tool or to a JPG or PDF for inclusion in management reports. 

The diagrams are updated every time a change is detected and the old version is stored in the archived config area.  This means you can go back in time and pull documentation showing the state of play at any point in history, which is worth its weight in gold when something breaks or you get a PCI compliance, security or insurance audit.



Alongside your interactive diagrams, Hava also has a reporting module that automatically builds reports related to your cloud environment.

The AWS compliance report, for instance, compares your environment configuration against AWS well-architected / best practice and reports resources and any adverse findings in a stylish management report format.



With Hava's built-in embeddable diagram viewer, you can place diagrams externally via an iFrame code snippet. No login is required to view the live, fully interactive diagrams.

View examples here 


Hava has a fully featured API that enables you to pull config data, fire sync requests and any perform number of tasks and functions.

The API has been used to do some quite complex tasks like

  • Adding gifs of a network topology diagram into a build pipeline to retain as an artifact in the build record.
  • Automating bulk cross-account role creation while generating data sources in hava
  • Pull all your resources and sort by price
  • Pull revisions and compare pricing over time
  • Pull instances with old revision dates to review their currency


Hava is available in two formats.  You can simply connect your cloud credentials to the cloud SaaS version at and you'll be producing elegant 100% accurate diagrams in minutes.


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