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Untagged Filth be Gone - Save by Reducing Your Unused Cloud Services

Jul 19, 2023 2:18:00 PM


Strengthing Cloud Security with Hava Security Diagrams
In the intricate world of cloud computing, the phrase "Untagged Filth"" and the need to eliminate it encapsulates a crucial strategy for effective cost management. Hava.io, a pioneering cloud visualization platform, underscores the significance of this approach.

Cloud solutions, while offering numerous advantages, can sometimes lead to unforeseen costs, creating financial challenges for businesses. Hava.io tackles this issue by delivering context to cloud spend monitoring. This strategy aids in identifying underutilized resources, uncovering cost-saving opportunities, explaining cost increases, and rationalizing the cloud estate in response to architectural sprawl.

Hava.io's solution is particularly advantageous for users of AWS, Azure, and GCP. It provides visual context to cloud infrastructure, enabling users to pinpoint cost culprits and provide detailed insights. When cost alerts start ringing or budgets start to exceed, users can utilize Hava to focus on the culprit and provide the required context around that particular resource.

Moreover, Hava.io's continuous monitoring allows users to effortlessly track changes in cloud spend. By reviewing the infrastructure diagrams individually or creating a custom view of all instances onto a single diagram, users can delve into the versioning of the associated infrastructure views to see exactly what changed when. This context assists users in answering the inevitable "why has our AWS bill increased" questions.

However, the effectiveness of these features is heavily reliant on proper resource tagging. Untagged resources, or "Untagged Filth", can lead to confusion, misallocation of costs, and even unnecessary running of services. The assumption is clear: if it's not tagged, it shouldn't be running.

In conclusion, all AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud users should utilize Hava.io to bring context to their cloud cost observability. By understanding the context behind each resource, users can optimize their cloud resources, reduce costs, and improve decision-making.

This innovative approach is a game-changer in the realm of FinOps, making Hava.io an essential tool for managing cloud costs, deciphering data from cost observability applications and explaining the impacts when cloud resources are not tagged correctly.

Remember, in the world of cloud cost management, it's "Untagged Filth" you need to turn your sights onto if you want to eliminate unnecessary cloud spend.

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