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The Benefits of Automatic Diagram Generation in Hava for MSPs

Jul 3, 2023 5:15:00 AM


In the cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs) arena, achieving efficiency and accuracy in client documentation is critical. Hava.io, a pioneering cloud infrastructure visualization tool, offers MSPs the power of automatic diagram generation, taking the guesswork out of client documentation.

Hava.io sets itself apart by generating dynamic, interactive diagrams for each virtual network. This eliminates the manual documentation that has traditionally consumed much of an MSP's time and resources, freeing them up to focus on high-value client service tasks.

Hava.io connects to cloud accounts across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, where it scans the cloud configuration and creates an interactive visual replica. This automatic diagram generation brings a level of precision and efficiency that revolutionizes the MSP business.

Moreover, Hava.io's capabilities extend beyond real-time diagram generation. The tool retains a version history of superseded diagrams, enabling MSPs to track infrastructure changes over time. With this feature, every change, planned or unexpected, is documented and communicated to clients transparently.

Another powerful feature of Hava.io is its architectural monitoring function. This sends proactive 'Diff diagrams' to MSPs, alerting them to infrastructure changes. This vigilant eye reduces the chance of overlooked changes and helps prevent sudden, unexpected cost hikes.

The deep search function provided by Hava.io further simplifies resource management across multiple cloud accounts. MSPs can locate specific resources using a single command, highlighting Hava.io's commitment to simplifying and streamlining cloud environment management.

In summary, Hava.io is more than a tool—it's a comprehensive solution that automates, streamlines, and enhances the interactions between MSPs and clients. By taking advantage of automatic diagram generation, MSPs can keep client documentation current and accurate, ensuring better client service and satisfaction.

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