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Find Your Costly Cloud Resources without expensive platform cost tools

Sep 1, 2023 1:53:00 PM


In the ever-evolving world of cloud computing, keeping track of your resources and their associated costs can be a daunting task. This is especially true when you're dealing with hundreds of environments across AWS, Azure, and GCP. But what if there was a way to identify your most expensive resources without having to pay for CloudWatch or similar services? Enter Hava.io, a tool designed to bring context to your cloud cost observability.

Hava.io enhances your FinOps capability by providing visual context to your cloud infrastructure through automated generation of interactive environment diagrams. These diagrams stay up-to-date on auto-pilot and record changes to infrastructure that are accessible via a retained version library of superseded diagrams. This means you can quickly identify expensive resources and understand how they fit into your overall environment.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and professional services organisations can particularly benefit from Hava.io. When cost alerts start pinging away in your cost monitoring platforms or your budgets start to blow out, you can use Hava to zero in on the culprit and provide the required context around that particular resource. What environment is it running in? How is it accessed? What has changed? Hava provides answers to these questions, allowing you to respond effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, Hava.io's deep search function can identify resources without a specific tag, allowing you to find outliers that may not be required and you can eliminate and also ensure costs for a particular resource are attributed to the correct department or project. This is particularly useful when dealing with untagged or mis-tagged resources, which can often lead to unnecessary costs.

In conclusion, whether you're an MSP, a professional services organisation, or a cloud user, Hava.io can bring much-needed context to your cloud cost observability. By identifying expensive resources and providing a clear understanding of how they fit into your overall environment, Hava.io allows you to manage your cloud costs more effectively and efficiently, without relying on the paid cost monitoring solutions provided by AWS.

You can read about all the aspects of cloud FinOps Hava can help with in this article:

Improve your FinOps capabilities with Hava

Or if you want to jump right in and:

  • Start receiving elegant automatically generated infrastructure diagrams for AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Start receiving security diagrams for your AWS and Azure deployments
  • Start the ability to zero in on expensive resources 
  • Start getting alerts when environments change (via Architectural Monitoring)
  • Start visualizing containerized workloads
  • Start recording infrastructure changes in versioning for audit purposes
  • Start being able to locate resources from within thousands of accounts with a single command



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