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Architectural Review Board Checklist

February 21, 2024

Architecture Review Board Checklist


An Enterprise Architectural Review Board (ARB) plays a critical role in ensuring that architectural decisions align with the organization's strategic goals, compliance requirements, and best practices.

Below is an example checklist that an ARB could use during the review process to evaluate cloud architecture, leveraging tools like Hava.io for enhanced visibility and insight.

ARB Cloud Architecture Review Checklist


Strategic Alignment

- ▢  Does the proposed architecture align with the organization's strategic objectives?

- ▢   Does it support current and future scalability and performance needs?

- ▢  How does the architecture align with the organization's cloud strategy (public, private, hybrid, multi-cloud)?


Compliance and Security

- ▢  Does the architecture comply with relevant industry standards and regulatory requirements?

- ▢  Are security best practices, such as the principle of least privilege and encryption, implemented?

- ▢  Are all security groups and network configurations appropriately defined and visualized in Hava.io diagrams?

- ▢  Is there a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place?


Cost Management

- ▢  Has a cost analysis been conducted for the proposed architecture?

- ▢  Are there mechanisms for monitoring and optimizing cloud spend (e.g., identifying underutilized resources with Hava.io)?

- ▢  Does the architecture leverage cost-saving opportunities, such as reserved instances or auto-scaling?


Technical Feasibility and Risk Management

- ▢  Are the chosen technologies and services proven and reliable?

- ▢  Has a risk assessment been conducted, including potential points of failure and their mitigations?

- ▢  Are there any dependencies or limitations that could impact the architecture's viability?

Performance and Scalability

- ▢  Does the architecture support the expected load and performance requirements?

- ▢  Are there provisions for scaling resources up or down based on demand?

- ▢  How does the architecture ensure high availability and fault tolerance?


Interoperability and Integration

- ▢  How well does the architecture integrate with existing systems and workflows?

- ▢  Are there any challenges with data migration or interoperability between different cloud services or platforms?

- ▢  Does the architecture support seamless integration with third-party services and APIs?


Documentation and Best Practices

- ▢  Is the architecture documented clearly, including diagrams generated by Hava.io for easy visualization?

- ▢  Are architectural decisions and rationales well-documented for future reference?

- ▢  Does the architecture adhere to industry best practices and patterns?


Review and Approval

- ▢  Have all concerns raised during the review been addressed satisfactorily?

- ▢  Is there a consensus among ARB members on the approval of the architecture?

- ▢  What are the next steps for implementation, monitoring, and ongoing review?



This checklist is designed to guide ARB members through a comprehensive review of cloud architectures, ensuring that all critical aspects are considered.

Tools like Hava.io can significantly aid in this process by providing real-time, automated visualization of cloud environments, enhancing decision-making, and ensuring that architectures remain aligned with organizational goals and best practices.



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