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We worked with the Hava service to assist in our SOC2 reporting and reporting in general. We don't need to check it all the time, it just tracks the architecture and so it's helped us get what we need diagram wise when we need it!
Nicolas Naim
CTO - mytreasur-e.com
"Hava provided us with the transparency that we desperately needed to manage the IT operations, saving us time and money. We saved thousands after we realised what we were actually using in AWS"
Steven Leong
Snr Developer - Equiem
"We see Hava as an important tool for us to manage our cloud environments via it's intuitive visualization and easy access"
Jerry Zhang
Head Developer - Yarris
"Hava has grown into a comprehensive tool for mapping out entire network topologies, in minutes. Rather than spending hours trawling through cloud consoles, firing up needless drawing tools or having new customers dig through historical data, Hava automatically generates a full layout of the new cloud environment."
Callum Davies
Managing Director Asia - Just After Midnight
Building out the networking for our new AWS EKS cluster is no easy feat. Is the load-balancer connected to the auto-scaling groups? Which subnets are involved in the VPC to connect to the workloads? What can be accessed from where? Constructing a mental image from the AWS console doesn't come near the diagrams Hava gives us.
Werner Donne
Software Architect - Lemonade Software
For me, as a AWS senior cloud-advisor HAVA is theee tool. I was really surprised what can be done with it and in particular how security groups are visualized is stunning. It's so easy. With HAVA it is possible to find the link between ENIs and Instances right away. Do this in the AWS Console. It's a remarkable tool and I try to convince my customers to use it.
Peter Betzler
CEO - Datapat GmbH

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