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About Hava

We live for automation


In the beginning

We started Hava to help businesses understand what they're running in the cloud.

You see, we’re developers and consultants. With every new client, the first thing we would ask for was up to date documentation so we could see what we were working with. We’d get access to consoles, dashboards, some diagrams – but never anything that was clear and accurate. It was manual and we knew there had to be an easier way.

We knew all the information we needed was sitting with the cloud providers, we just needed to find a way to securely access it and translate it into something visual, beautiful and informative - so we built Hava!




Starting with AWS we found a way to securely interrogate all the console and configuration data and turn it into logically laid out network topology diagrams. This saved us days, if not weeks or tedious manual data gathering and diagramming with drag and drop drawing tools.

As hava matured and security became top of mind for our clients, we thought the data is there, why not apply the same strategy for mapping security groups. Unique and invaluable the AWS security view was born.

PCI compliance, security audits and general corporate governance were also regular topics of conversation. Finding a way to capture and archive diagrams and configurations every time something changed became a regular feature request. So we thought we're already polling the cloud source and generating fresh diagrams every time a change was detected, why not simply capture the previous diagram data set into a version history. Versioning was created, possibly one of the most compelling reasons to connect hava to your cloud. 

The next challenge was to tackle the up and coming cloud vendors as more and more clients deployed hybrid infrastructure.  We added Azure and more recently Google Cloud Platform as data sources that can be visualized independently or on hybrid diagrams.

Our roadmap stretches out a fair distance and is packed with exciting cutting edge new features and creativity.  Needless to say,  we're constantly working hard to bring those milestones to life, but we're never too busy to listen to our clients and deliver what you need to make your cloud computing life just that little bit easier.


Do the right thing. Always.


Attention to ALL the details.


Deliver the experience you wish to have.


Open and honest. Always.

Give Back

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Team Hava

HQ'd in Melbourne Australia, we serve clients on every continent around the world.


James Martelletti

CEO | Co-Founder

James has been building products for a very long time now. When the idea for Hava came up, he knew it was an idea worth pursuing. He's an APAC Chef Instructor, so pretty clever when it comes to code. Boy, can he code. James is one of those guys who can do anything he puts his mind to, and do it really really well. The sort of thing you want out of a CEO.


Pete Gatt

CRO | Co-Founder

Watch Silicon Valley. Keep it simple. Keep it beautiful." That's Pete's mantra (for now). When it comes to the cloud, Pete's your guy. AWS thinks so too and named him one of their Cloud Warriors. His ultimate goal is to automate himself out of a job - he's a pretty clever guy so he's going to find a way. There are a number of uncanny synergies between Pete and Erlich Bachman - except for the cussing, smoking and the hair - clearly Pete knows his way around a hair straightener.


Adam Norman

Head of Engineering

You don't build something as beautiful as Hava without having mad skills. Experienced in Ruby, Java, PHP, Perl, Javascript, ASP, C, C++, C# - Adam is a true all-rounder and the guy you want running your engineering team. He's also one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.


Mario Cano

Web Developer

Hailing from Medellin, Colombia, Maria is a can do developer tackling every problem that’s thrown at her. An amazing developer and also having a keen eye on marketing, Maria brings so much enjoyment to the team. Attending almost every meetup event in Melbourne, Maria has come to be a key asset in understanding all forms of cloud, DevOps and guiding principals of technology in the industry.



Customer Success Manager

AJ is on the front line of sales and customer support, answering all your questions, running through demos and all the tricky stuff. AJ's real name is Adam, but that just causes confusion in the daily stand-ups, so AJ it is. With a passion for cybersecurity, AJ is never happier than when he's talking attack surfaces with your security team.