Environment Versions

Cloud architecture diagrams are rarely static. Instances will be added and removed due by auto scaling, load balancers will be reconfigured, security groups and rules will be refined. The nature of the cloud gives us a huge amount of flexibility in the way we deploy and configure out environments, and with new services and options being released at a steady rate it's a guarantee that our diagrams will need consistent updates to remain useful.

Hava makes this a simple task - once your source has been imported Hava will periodically update your resources and redraw your diagrams to make sure they're always up to date. Hava also keeps a record of each of your previous versions so you can go back to any point in time and see how your environment was configured and how much it cost.

Viewing Previous Versions

To view the previous versions of your environments simply click on the 'Versions' tab on the right hand side of your diagrams, above the attributes panel. You'll see a list of all your previous versions as well as the date range they cover. Click on one of the rows in the list to load that version, from there it works the same as any other diagram. You can:

  • Check the prices between different versions
  • Check your security group view to see how your rules have changed
  • Export your version to any of the supported formats


How long do you keep versions?

The amount of versions in your list can vary depending on how often they're imported. We save a minimum of 3 months, but generally you'll have versions from back to when you first imported your environment.

How often to you import new versions?

Your sources will sync roughly every hour, depending on load. You can always do a manual sync as well if there's some changes you want to see right away.

Can I compare my versions within Hava?

Being able to cmpare your versions is currently in development, but until then you can always export your different versions to JSON for use in diff tools, or to PNG and PDF for comparison in documentation.