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In Cloud Computing This Week [Jan 14th 2022]

Written by Team Hava | January 14, 2022

This week's roundup of all the cloud news.


Here's a cloud round up of all things GCP, Azure and AWS for the week ending Friday 14th January 2022

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AWS Updates and Releases

Source: aws.amazon.com

Google Cloud Releases and Updates
Source: cloud.google.com



BigQuery standard SQL now supports the JSON data type for storing JSON data. The JSON data type is in Preview. For more information, see Working with JSON data in Standard SQL.


Cloud Composer

Cloud Composer 1.17.8 and 2.0.1 release started on January 10, 2022. Get ready for upcoming changes and features as we roll out the new release to all regions. This release is in progress at the moment. Listed changes and features might not be available in some regions yet.

(Available without upgrading) Programmatic calls to Airflow API and Airflow UI in Cloud Composer 2 must now contain OAuth tokens with the https://www.googleapis.com/auth/cloud-platform scope. You can find an example of setting this scope in Make calls to Airflow REST API.


Cloud Deploy

Google Cloud Deploy now supports Skaffold version 1.35.1, as the default.

Cloud DNS

Managing routing policies in Cloud DNS is available in GA.

Cloud Logging

You can now collect MariaDB metrics and logs from the Ops Agent, starting with version 2.8.0. For more information, see Monitoring third-party applications: MariaDB.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring now supports configuring HTTP POST uptime checks in the UI. For more information, see Managing uptime checks.

You can now collect MySQL metrics from the Ops Agent, starting with version 2.8.0. For more information, see Monitoring third-party applications: MySQL.

You can now collect Memcached metrics from the Ops Agent, starting with version 2.8.0. For more information, see Monitoring third-party applications: Memcached.

Starting with version 2.8.0, the Ops Agent supports Ubuntu 21.10. For more information, see Linux operating systems.

You can now collect MariaDB metrics and logs from the Ops Agent, starting with version 2.8.0. For more information, see Monitoring third-party applications: MariaDB.

Compute Engine


Generally available: Compute Engine now supports machine images in General Availability. You can use machine images to store configuration, metadata, permission, and data required to create a VM instance.

Preview: You can now disable VM instance creation retries during resizing of both regional and zonal managed instance groups.

Config Connector


Config Connector 1.70.0 is now available

Added support for MonitoringUptimeCheckConfig resource.

Added support for RunService (alpha) resource.

Added support for NetworkServicesGateway (alpha), NetworkServicesMesh (alpha), NetworkServicesGRPCRoute (alpha), NetworkServicesHTTPRoute (alpha), and NetworkServicesTCPRoute (alpha) resources.

Added field spec.networkInterface.queueCount to ComputeInstance and ComputeInstanceTemplate resources.

Added fields spec.bfd.minReceiveInterval, spec.bfd.minTransmitInterval, spec.bfd.multiplier, and spec.bfd.sessionInitializationMode to ComputeRouterPeer resource.

Added fields spec.nodeConfig.gcfsConfig and spec.managedInstanceGroupUrls to ContainerNodePool resource.

Added field spec.nodeConfig.gcfsConfig (deprecated) to ContainerCluster resource. spec.nodeConfig is a deprecated field that we recommend not using in your configuration.

Added field spec.messageRetentionDuration to PubSubTopic resource.

Supported referencing Workload Identity principals in IAMPolicyMember. (Issue #583)


Support for VPC Service Controls is now available in Preview.


Support for VPC Service Controls is now available in Preview.

Memorystore for Redis

Memorystore for Redis now supports non-RFC 1918 IP addresses networks, with the exception of privately used public IP addresses (PUPI). These additional network addresses can be used for both Memorystore for Redis instances and incoming client connections. For more details, see Supported networks and client IP ranges.


Migrate for Anthos and GKE

Windows connection strings

Migrate for Anthos and GKE supports connection strings at the site and global scopes. See Setting connection strings for a data provider for more information.

Reducing system container image size

New alerts have been added to the migration plan to alert you when files may be too large for a successful image. See Specifying content to exclude from the migration for more information.

Security Command Centre

Web Security Scanner, a built-in service of Security Command Center, released the INSECURE_ALLOW_ORIGIN_ENDS_WITH_VALIDATION, INSECURE_ALLOW_ORIGIN_STARTS_WITH_VALIDATION, and XXE_REFLECTED_FILE_LEAKAGE finding types to General Availability.

For more information, see Web Security Scanner findings.

Vertex AI

You can now use a pre-built container to perform custom training withPyTorch 1.10.


By default, Google Cloud blocks egress packets sent to TCP destination port 25 of an external IP address (including an external IP address of another Google Cloud resource). This restriction has been removed from projects owned by select Google Cloud customers.

For more information, see Blocked and limited traffic.

VPC Service Controls

Preview stage support for the following integrations:


Workflows can invoke Cloud Functions or Cloud Run services that have ingress restricted to internal traffic.


Microsoft Azure Releases And Updates
Source: azure.microsoft.com


General availability: Azure Sphere OS version 22.01 expected on Jan 26

Participate in the retail evaluation now to ensure full compatibility. The OS evaluation period provides 14 days for backward compatibility testing.

Announcing price reductions for Azure confidential computing

Lower prices for Azure confidential computing virtual machines


Public preview: Azure Static Web Apps enterprise-grade edge

Extend your Static Web App with a zero-config enterprise-grade edge powered by Azure Front Door.


General availability: Multiple custom BGP APIPA addresses for active VPN gateways

Get more flexibility for your on-premises BGP connections to Azure and create BGP-enabled VPN connections between Azure and other cloud providers.

Generally available: Load Balancer SKU upgrade through PowerShell script

Upgrade to Standard SKU Load Balancer easily through a simple PowerShell script and take advantage of enhanced capabilities.

Azure Ultra Disk Storage is now generally available in West US 3

Now available in West US 3 region, Azure Ultra Disk Storage provides high-performance along with sub-millisecond latency for your most-demanding workloads such as SAP HANA and top tier databases.

Azure Backup - Automation updates - 2021

Summary of key automation updates for Azure Backup in 2021

Generally available: Azure Policy support for Azure Site Recovery


You can now use Azure Policy to enable Azure Site Recovery for your VMs at scale and ensure organizational standards.

Azure Traffic Manager: Additional IP addresses for endpoint monitoring service.


Update your network access control rules if you see Traffic Manager health probes with new IP addresses.


Public preview: Semantic Search update

Semantic Search, a feature of Azure Cognitive Search, is now available for direct configuration in the Azure Portal.

Azure SQL—Public preview updates for early January 2022

Public preview enhancements and updates released for Azure SQL

General availability: Microsoft Defender for Cloud updates for December 2021


New enhancements and updates released for general availability (GA) in Microsoft Defender for Cloud in December 2021.

Generally available: Support for copying dashboards added to Azure IoT Central

Start reusing tiles and dashboards through the new Copy Dashboard feature in Azure IoT Central.

Generally available: Data mapping for transforming data at ingress in Azure IoT Central


Transform complex device telemetry into structured data inside Azure IoT Central so you can use that telemetry within Rules, Analytics, Dashboards and Data Export.

Generally available: Display limits on tiles increased to 100 homogeneous devices

You can now select and display up to 100 devices on a single tile within IoT Central.


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